Meet Sid - Arahu Original's Handcrafted Jewelry Designer!

Meet Sid, our designer of handcrafted jewelry

I have always had a penchant for unique handcrafted jewelry, especially chokers! Inspired by a piece I acquired over a decade ago, I took up beading to see if I could create something similar. The result was actually something quite different and unique unto itself. I loved it so much I crafted another, and another and another! I wanted to share my ideas with other lovers of unique chokers, and before I knew it, I was well on my way to starting Arahu Originals. I had several friends who were not comfortable wearing a collar style choker, which led me into my line of single and double strand handmade beaded necklaces.  Some are still loose choker style, but many of them are generous in size.  Handcrafting jewelery is both a creative and calming endeavor for me, and suits my quiet, country lifestyle. I enjoy working with both natural gemstones and crystals, and sparkling Austrian Swarovski crystals. Most of my work incorporates one (or both) of these elements.  All of my pieces are lovingly hand crafted and one of a kind - you will find no duplicates. I design what I love, and I am always searching for beautiful, quality pendants to blend into my pieces - Celtic, Pagan, Goddess. Wiccan, Irish Wolfhound - whatever inspires me!

After I started amassing creations, my husband asked me, "When are you going to start making jewelry for men?"  It was like a light went off over my head, and I dove into making men's jewelry!  Even guys need a little 'bling' in their lives, and so my line of jewelry for men was born.  Many of my pieces can be worn by either sex, but you will find some that have a definite masculine slant to them.  I have crafted several pieces for my husband, and I enjoy the different challenges of designing jewelry specifically for men.

I also take orders for custom handmade beaded necklaces. With custom orders, you choose the colour combination, types of beads, and pendants (from my available stock). I can also create a unique piece using an existing pendant that might be in your collection. Please allow 3-4 weeks for the creation of custom orders.  Contact me for a quote on custom work.

I hope you enjoy wearing my one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces as much as I enjoy making them!

Bright blessings,
Sid Wood

Ontario, Canada

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