Sizing Information for Chokers and Necklaces

Rear view of an Arahu Original handmade beaded choker displaying the different sizing options.

My handmade beaded chokers range in height from 1-2 inches - some with pendants hanging below, some with pendants hanging within the bead-work. Please read the size guidelines carefully for each piece before purchasing. Although I may be able to increase the size on some of my pieces, due to the style of them, I cannot make existing chokers any smaller. I recommend that the chokers be worn fitted, but not tight - as that will put excess strain on the jump rings and clasp - so measure your neck accurately before buying. Please note that for each piece an "ideal" size is given. Although I accommodate for larger sizes, sizing the chokers larger will offset the centering at the back of the choker. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the sizing of a necklace.

Not everyone is comfortable wearing a collar choker, and for those folks, I have created a line of single and double strand handmade beaded necklaces. As with the chokers, I work mainly with gemstones and Swarovski crystals, complimented by fire-polished glass and metal beads. The necklaces vary in length, so please see the individual product descriptions for details, and be sure to measure you neck carefully.

I also do custom orders. Please contact me if you are interested in a custom piece, or to ask if I can fit a current piece to your size.

Rear view of one of Arahu Original's handmade beaded chokers displaying the different sizing options.

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